Now, at Bear Pond’s main branch, he stops making espressos at an early hour each day, claiming that the spike on the power grid after that time precludes drawing the voltage required for optimal pressure.
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Say hello to Woyton, a series of nice coffee shops in the Düsseldorf-Köln area. It’s a favourite for locals because of the cosy interiors & it’s convenient locations. But quite frankly, we love it for the coffee, it’s our favourite in the city.

As third-wave coffee lovers, we can’t help but offer our heart to the only café (that we know of) that serves pour-over. If you don’t like black coffee they also make a mean flat white and caramel latte. Woyton also has a good sustainability philosophy, buying their milk from local dairy farms and their beans at a fair price from plantations with good conditions. They roast them at their Markplatz location and sell them in their shops. Personally I’m a big fan of the Ethiopian coffees that they carry but the Finca de Dos Jefes from Panama is also very nice. A few times a month they offer workshops (in German) on all things coffee, from latte art to roasting. In a couple locations they also have a salad bar, called Mischpult, where you can pick and mix the ingredient to toss together. You can conveniently order these ahead online and pick it up on your lunch break. 

So whether it’s in december, drinking a warm pour-over or in July sipping on an iced latte, we think Woyton is always a good idea.

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